The most important skill of the 21st century: transfer of learning.

The pace of change and complexity of our world today requires that we teach young people how to recognize patterns so that they can use their knowledge and skills in authentic and creative ways -- to transfer their learning to new situations.  

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What people are saying:

John Hattie

Visible Learning

"I turn to Julie's work on transfer because it's the best in the world. While we know the importance of transfer from one problem to another or from one situation to another, it has been notoriously hard to know how to teach students to do it. Finally, along comes this resource dedicated to the core issues of teaching transfer."

Christine Haslett

Head of Primary, Dulwich College Shanghai-Puxi

"This was an invaluable opportunity to connect with other educational leaders around the world to rethink educational practice for the moral purpose of truly shaping the future."

Richard Healy

Head of Secondary, British School Manila

"I have never seen a professional learning program have such a great impact on faculty."