Build a ProEquity Culture in Your Context

Applicable for Middle and High School Teachers and DEIJ School Leaders, all content areas

This course is a collaboration between the founder of Uprooting Inequity, Ayo Magwood, and Julie Stern, using Conceptual Transfer and the ACT Model as a framework for both understanding historical and contemporary race and racism as well as providing an explicit way to teach the concepts and contexts shared by Ayo. 

Adapted from Ayo's seminal lecture-workshop series: Understanding and Remediating Structure Racism the course applies her "ProEquity framework for building a "we" identity through honest, appreciative history and civic deliberation to prepare adults and students to work together across ideological differences to develop policy solutions that promote common good". The contexts explored are primarily based in the USA and the conceptual approach specifically promotes an ability to think expansively and transfer across both similar and dissimilar situations making this course suitable for anyone.

Please note, the themes and topics addressed in this course are potentially sensitive and challenging in different ways for different people and we provide very clear guiding principles and a participant agreement for the wellbeing of all our participants. Please direct any concerns to [email protected]

Note: If you are new to the ACT model, please take one of our other micro-courses first: Either Conceptual Transfer in Elementary or select one of the Conceptual Transfer disciplines (math, arts, etc.) that most applies to you.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome from Julie Stern and Ayo Magwood

    2. How the course works

    3. Guiding Principles

    4. Remediating Structural Racism

    5. Participant Agreement

    1. Module 1 Introduction

    2. Defining Racism

    3. Economy, Politics and Class

    4. Why and How Did We Invent Races?

    5. Race as a Social Construct

    6. Concepts of Racial Hierarchy

    1. Module 2 Introduction & The ACT Model

    2. Contemporary Racial Disparities

    3. Historical Discrimination Concepts

    4. Racial Discrimination

    5. Enduring Impacts of wealth discrimination

    6. Wealth Disparities

    7. Enduring Impacts of Housing Discrimination

    8. Residential Segregation

    1. Module 3 Introduction

    2. What is Structural Racism?

    3. What is Systematic Racism?

    4. Persistence of Structural Racism

    5. Historical Wealth Gap

    1. Guiding Principles for Remediating Structural Racism

    2. Will

    3. Equity-Conscious "We" Identity

    4. Policies and Practices

    5. Equalizing Access to Opportunity

    6. Individual Actions

    7. Reducing Our Inequity Footprint

    8. Call to Action

    9. Remediating Structural Racism Resources

    10. Thank you form Julie and Ayo

    11. Feedback

About this course

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  • 35 lessons

Leading Expert Ayo Magwood

Ayo Magwood, M.Sc. specializes in evidence-based, apolitical, and solutionary training on understanding and remediating structural racism. She is passionate about fostering cross-difference cooperation towards realizing equal opportunity for all. Her superpower is her ability to synthesize a wide range of research, data, primary sources, and abstract concepts and weave them into engaging narratives and diagrams.

Bestselling Author Julie Stern

This course is based on the work of four-time, bestselling author, Julie Stern. She has two decades experience facilitating adult learning, and feels lucky to partner with educators to take their practice to the next level. She is passionate about synthesizing the best of education research into practical tools that support educators in breaking free of the industrial model of schooling and moving toward teaching and learning that promotes sustainability, equity, and well-being.


LaShaun "Frank" Franklin

LaShaun “Frank” Franklin is a native Washingtonian and product of the DC Public School system. As an undergrad, Frank attended the University of Maryland, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies with a primary focus on English and an interdisciplinary focus on Law and Criminal Justice. Frank earned a Master’s degree in Adult and Continuing Education from the University of the District of Columbia. She is currently working on her MBA at Post University. Throughout her career, Frank has served as an instructor or an administrator at every level, from primary to higher education. Frank is a professional learning facilitator and English Language Arts Specialist at Ed to Change the World. In addition to that, she is an adjunct instructor and college advisor. In her other time, Frank is a writer, podcaster, and aspiring journalist.

Julia Briggs

Julia Briggs lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia, she teaches Science and Chemistry and is the Head of IB Chemistry at Colegio Anglo Colombiano where she also works with departments and individual teachers as a coach and certified trainer of Concept Based Curriculum and Instruction. She is passionate about supporting teachers to develop their practice so that students may deepen their conceptual understanding of the world to be authentically prepared for the future. She is the co-author of The On Your Feet Guide to Learning Transfer.

Create Pattern Seekers

Empower your students to transfer their learning to new situations and take action in pursuit of equity, sustainability, and well-being.

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