Mathematics Teachers

Short & Powerful Micro-Course

Are you ready to take your teaching practice to the next level in under one hour? This course contains 5 short video lessons and 22 instructional strategies! Nothing but the good stuff here. Empower your students to independently apply their learning to new situations. Eliminate the question, "Why do we have to learn this?" Put students in the driver's seat of their learning, and teach them to become pattern seekers with conceptual transfer. Suitable across K-12.

Course curriculum

    1. Course Welcome

    2. How Learning Works

    1. From Subjects to Disciplines

    2. Application Time

    1. Student Ownership of Learning

    2. Application Time

    1. Creating Pattern Seekers

    2. More Examples of Connecting Concepts

    3. Application Time

    1. Unlock New Situations

    2. Student Example of Transfer

    3. Application Time

    4. Closing Lesson

    5. Course Feedback

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 14 lessons

Bestselling Author Julie Stern

This course is based on the work of four-time, bestselling author, Julie Stern. She has two decades experience facilitating adult learning, and feels lucky to partner with educators to take their practice to the next level. She is passionate about synthesizing the best of education research into practical tools that support educators in breaking free of the industrial model of schooling and moving toward teaching and learning that promotes sustainability, equity, and well-being.

Create Pattern Seekers

Empower your students to transfer their learning to new situations.

Success Criteria

  • Apply conceptual learning and transfer to an existing unit of study.

  • Put students in the driver's seat through a culture of thinking and reflection.

  • Start to see concepts everywhere you look and teach students to do the same.

  • Empower students to independently apply their learning to new situations.

*Price is per person. Access includes one year from purchase date. Discounts for 10 or more from the same school. Email [email protected] with questions.