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Completely Asynchronous Course & Community

We live in a world where communication is becoming increasingly multimodal--images, text, sound, materials, movement, and emotions are, and always have been, vital tools of thinking, learning and expressing ourselves. As educators, we tend to default to pencil and paper as a way to share information and elicit thinking from our students. Let's expand our tools with multimedia, materials, stories, movement, music, and more. 

This innovative workshop series brings together a diverse group of educators to explore various ways to maximize inclusion, student engagement, and understanding of concepts explored in and across subject areas. We will use the Learning That Transfers (LTT) framework to explore these ideas.

Beyond Print: Expanding ways to think, learn, and express ourselves in schools will focus on the humanity of communication in a supportive professional learning environment. Live video workshops will be supported by follow-up coffee hours and an online community of practice for all registered participants. View the workshop sequence here

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Participants have access to this course for one year after purchase. 

Workshop Series

    1. Video Recording Agreement

    2. Kick-off Recording

    3. Share Your Location, Name, Image, & Description of How You Communicate

    4. Implementation Ideas from Charlie Kraig

    5. Discussion Board

    1. New Literacies Recording

    2. Discussion Board

    3. Coffee Hour #1 Recording

    4. Leadership & Implementation Ideas with Charlie Kraig

    1. Loose Parts Recording

    2. Discussion Board

    3. Coffee Hour #2 Recording

    4. Leadership and Implementation Ideas from Charlie Kraig

    1. Dwelling with Materials Recording

    2. Discussion Board

    3. Coffee Hour with Misty and Ana

    4. Leadership and Implementation Ideas from Charlie Kraig

    1. Imagery to Embodiment Live Workshop with Nathalie Lauriault, Traci Scheepstra, & Carmel Lim Torres

    2. Imagery to Embodiment Recording

    3. Discussion Board

    4. Coffee Hour #4 with Carmel, Traci & Nathalie

    5. Coffee Hour #4 Recording

    6. Leadership and Implementation Ideas with Charlie Kraig

    1. Celebration Wrap Up Live Workshop

    2. Celebration Wrap Up Slide Deck

    3. Discussion Board

About this course

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  • 26 lessons
  • 10.5 hours of video content


Jemima Khalli

Jemima Khalli is an international educator with a passion for teaching conceptually and allowing students to be designers in the classroom and beyond. She has experience in co-constructing curricula and facilitating courses centred on promoting learning engagements that enable students to transfer conceptual understanding in English Language & Literature. Jemima has previously worked in an IB school in Hanoi, Vietnam as well as Hong Kong - she is currently in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Jemima is undergoing a Masters in Education at University College London this September.

Trevor Aleo

Trevor Aleo is an English teacher in Connecticut. In addition to leading grade level teams at his own school, he’s drafted curriculum at the district level, created instructional resources for the Virginia Department of Education, and presented at local, state, and regional conferences. He believes education should help people become better meaning makers, problem solvers, and story tellers and is dedicated to facilitating learning experiences where that can happen. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Master of Arts in Teaching, and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Learning Design and Leadership.

Angela Stockman

Angela Stockman is a New York State certified teacher of English Language Arts who spent the first fifteen years of her career in the classroom before becoming an international professional learning facilitator. Over the last fifteen years, she’s designed curricula and assessments beside literacy teachers in over one hundred schools, serving as an instructional coach in many of them as well. A Reggio-inspired practitioner, she is the author of several books on the relationship between identity, making, and writing. She is currently drafting two new titles that serve as guidebooks for teachers who are eager to create space for multimodal composition in their classrooms and workshops. They will be published by Routledge in 2022.


Nawal Casiano

A writer and educator for 16 years, Nawal is an award-winning journalist and literacy instructor with experience in New York City and Chicago schools. Forever passionate about growing readers, writers and thinkers, Nawal worked as a classroom teacher, curriculum developer and literacy coach before launching NQC Literacy in 2014. She has since supported a balanced, holistic approach to literacy in dozens of schools throughout Chicagoland, including Chicago Public Schools, several suburban districts and the Big Shoulders Fund Literacy Initiative, where NQC Literacy leads professional development and on-site coaching for over a dozen Catholic schools.

Jessica Silvey

Jessica Silvey is a self taught weaver of Coast Salish and Portugese descent, of the Silvey Family of Egmont, BC. Many of her childhood hours were spent with her paternal Grandmother in the forest. It is her favourite place to be, surrounded by cedar trees and silence. Jessica has learned traditional techniques from research as well as trial and error.She harvests and prepares her own materials. Her love for weaving and fibre arts, coupled with a background in museum curating inspired her concept for an unique Weaving Studio. In 2016 she opened Red Cedar Woman Weaving Studio (an art, craft and lifestyle studio) where she facilitates immersive weaving workshops in Coast Salish basketry, Salish weaving on the floor loom and harvesting traditional use plants for dyes and medicines.

Misty Paterson

Misty Paterson supports visionary educators to unleash passion and purpose in the classroom and beyond. With a Master of Arts degree in Cross Faculty Inquiry, a certification in Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction, over 20 years of experience, and a track record of turning schools around, MIsty is empathic to the to the many ways school curricula can improve—and the many blocks to achieving that. Her PhD studies and her best-selling book: Pop-Up Studio are two of many channels Misty uses to explore responsive teaching and pedagogical artistry with others.


Ana Delgado

Ana Delgado leads a team of early childhood educators in her supervisory position at ISSofBC. Ana serves children and families who are newcomers to Canada as part of the Language Instruction program. Ana is a visionary educator who is passionate about following the interests of children. She and her team developed a successful online, Reggio-inspired preschool program program at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Ana is also a director for the Vancouver Reggio Association.

Niyesha Coleman

Niyesha Coleman is a veteran secondary mathematics educator who is passionate about empowering young people to use math to change their communities and the world. Niyesha believes that learning the logic behind mathematics empowers students to make rational and strategic decisions and problem solve at high levels. Earning her bachelor's degree in mathematics with a minor in secondary education from Howard University and currently finishing a master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction in May 2021, Niyesha looks forward to assisting other math educators with creative and innovative teaching strategies and activities to implement in their classrooms.


Carmel Lim Torres

Carmel Lim-Torres is an artist and art educator. She has an accumulated experience spanning more than 15 years teaching at middle, high and university levels at International School of Manila and the College of Fine Arts, University of the Philippines. She graduated from a BFA in Sculpture with a Best Thesis Award. She also earned her Master's Degree in International Education in 2015 from the State of New York University. She is a practicing artist; her works have been exhibited at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and has ongoing collaborations with other artists and institutions. She is a repatriated third culture kid growing up in five different countries and completed the IB program in CIS, SAR. She is now based in Manila with her 5 year old son and husband. Carmel loves to share her passion for the process of art making and exploring the world.

Nathalie Lauriault

Nathalie Lauriault is the Elementary Lead for Team LTT. Having taught for 30 years, she has specialized in teaching young children in mostly bilingual and immersion classroom settings. Nathalie is a best-selling author of Tools for Teaching Conceptual Understanding, Elementary, a teacher in Ontario, Canada, and a French speaker. Nathalie is an educator who is dedicated to hands-on, experience-based learning for nourishing creative and curious minds. She encourages a positive attitude to learning by engaging students in inquiries and developing their awareness of the process of learning through movement and explorations so that they become lifelong learners.

Traci Scheepstra

Traci L. Scheepstra, Ph.D., an award winning teacher educator, is the CEO/Co-Founder of the not-for-profit Embodied Learnings and an Assistant Professor for the Bachelor of Education Program at Western University (limited duties faculty) in London, Ontario. With close to three decades of teaching experience, in a variety of educational settings with learners of all ages, Traci’s work focuses on curriculum, pedagogy and research in the fields of dance education, mental health and wellness, restorative practices, conflict resolution and communication, school-related gender-based violence, and equity and inclusion.


Nichelle Pinkney

Nichelle Pinkney currently serves as a K-12 Social Studies Coordinator in Texas. Her ultimate goal is to make learning visible in all classrooms at each level and that EVERY student has at least a year's worth of growth as a result of it. She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology and Political Science, a Masters in Educational Administration, a certification in online teaching and learning, and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Education Leadership.

Julie Stern

Julie Stern is passionate about creating practical tools for educators to design learning that promotes sustainability, equity, and well-being. She is a four-time, best-selling author of Learning that Transfers, Visible Learning for Social Studies, The On-Your-Feet-Guide to Learning Transfer, and Tools for Teaching Conceptual Understanding, Elementary and Secondary. She is a certified trainer in Visible Learning Plus & Concept-Based Curriculum & Instruction. She is a James Madison Constitutional Fellow, previously served as Director of Curriculum Innovation for a network of schools, and taught social studies for many years. Julie moves internationally every few years with her family.

Charlie Kraig

Charlie Kraig is (mostly) a parent and (sometimes) an educational consultant for Learning Network Educational Services (part of ARPDC in Alberta, Canada). Leveraging experiences and skills from over 18 years as an educator, she crafts unique professional learning opportunities that contribute to the development of deep thinking, compassionate humans. Charlie is a Learning Transfer Endorsed Educator as well as the Regional Network Chair of @WomenEdAlberta (part of the global #WomenEd network supporting and encouraging women in formal and informal leadership positions).